Help!! My dog has behavioral issues, what can I do?

Help!! My dog has behavioral issues, what can I do?

Behavioural issues can affect a dog or cat at any point in their life. But panic not, we are here to help.

Are you struggling with any of the following with your dog or cat?:


*Anxiety e.g. noise phobia, difficulty travelling in the car

*Abnormal behaviour: chewing; tail-chasing

*House soiling

*Food guarding

*Excessive barking

*Worried about how to introduce a new baby

*Unsure how to introduce new animals together

*House move

How we can help

Registered Veterinary nurse, Cara is very experienced having a certificate in animal behaviour and having successfully run behavioural clinics in the past. The great advantage of VetCare@Home is we can bring this service to the comfort of your own home, to work with you and your family – a real plus for any anxious or agitated pet.

As with most things in life, there is no magic pill or quick fix for many problems. It takes time and dedication, but with patience you will move forwards.

If you have a new puppy and would like help and advice on a issue don’t leave it too late. It is best to tackle potential behavioural issues while they are young and learning before bad habits and behaviours stick . However if you’ve an older pet, the phrase ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks’ doesn’t ring true – and that’s where we can come in with positive reinforcement methods and a plan to suit you and your pet.

Cara’s behaviour modification plans are specific to you and your pet and she works closely with you to achieve your goals.

You can contact Cara on 01773 302220 to arrange a consultation to discuss your issue, and work on a tailored plan of action.

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June 13, 2018



Booking an appointment

If you’d like to arrange for us to visit your pet at home, you can either book online or phone.

Need help? Get in touch at any time call 01773 302220 or email

Competent & friendly vet, professional, competitively priced & convenient for myself. I can highly recommend, especially if you don’t have transport or your pet doesn’t like the usual veterinary setting. 5 star! ⭐️

Tina Griffiths


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Mobile vet for everything that doesn't require a vet surgery. Brilliant idea and will come recommended by many ?

Martyn Finch


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A very professional and friendly service, putting myself and my multi-cat household at ease. Having a house visit for 5 cats is stress free, time and energy saving for the cats and me... I am so glad I found John Rosie!

Shirley Wheatley


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