Easter Dangers

Easter Dangers

Easter has many hidden dangers to our dogs.

So while we are out and about in our garden or on walkies make sure your dog does not get into any trouble by chewing or eating any of the following spring garden plants.

Daffodils are poisonous to dogs if they eat the bulbs or flowers, or drink water from a vase with daffodils in. They can give your dog an upset stomach, make them vomit, and make them very sleepy and wobbly. A dog that’s been poisoned by daffodils might also have fits.

Tulips can irritate your dog’s mouth and gastrointestinal tract. Normally they will only experience drooling, being sick and diarrhoea, but heart problems and difficulty breathing are also signs of tulip poisoning.

Amaryllis – Another pretty bulb plant which doesn’t do pets any good! The exposed bulb is the most dangerous part if your pet eats it, but they can suffer from drooling, tummy pain, vomiting and sometimes breathing issues and sudden drops in blood pressure if they eat any part of the plant.

Bluebells All parts of the bluebell pose a risk to dogs, and can even be deadly in large amounts. The function of the heart can be affected, depending on the amount consumed. Diarrhoea, vomiting and abdominal problems are also possible side effects.

Crocus The spring crocus is like its autumn relative, can still be severely toxic for pets. Symptoms include diarrhoea, perhaps with blood, drooling and vomiting. Extreme cases can cause numerous problems including seizures and organ damage, or even death.

If you are organizing an Easter egg hunt make sure you dog is kept well out of the way it may be fun for them running around with the children but chocolate especially dark chocolate is toxic to dogs and they will no dought find the chocolate eggs before the kids do and start munching away.

Other dangers to watch out for is the little toys or plastic egg cases in which you may put gifts in for the egg hunt. Easily chewed causing cut mouths and stomach or abdominal foreign bodies.

Hot cross buns

Hot cross buns contain dried fruit, such as currants, sultanas and raisins – and all of these are toxic to dogs.

If your dog eats even a small quantity of these dried fruits (and grapes), they can suffer severe kidney failure which may be fatal. Scientists don’t fully understand what it is in raisins, grapes and sultanas that makes them toxic to dogs. Some pets have ingested large quantities and felt no effects, but others – including large breeds – have died after eating just a few raisins.

Sharing just a little bit with your dog isn’t worth the risk of losing your best friend – avoid heartache by keeping them away from hot cross buns altogether.



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April 16, 2019



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