Blood testing and other laboratory tests

Blood testing and other laboratory tests

Although we are an in-home service, we can now offer blood testing and other laboratory tests. We use Idexx lab for all our laboratory work, and normally receive results within 24 hours depending on the test. Their high-tech system allows us to track the process at every stage and keep you informed.

We have hand-selected a variety of tests to cover all aspects of your pets’ health. These tests are important in helping us diagnose and arrange a treatment plan for your pet.

Tests available:

  • General health blood test – check organs are functioning well and your pets’ red and white blood cells. This test is used for ill animals to aid diagnosis
  • Geriatric test – designed to check kidney levels, liver function and blood cells
  • Specialised kidney tests – designed for pets who have known kidney issues
  • Specialised heart test – designed for pets who may have a heart condition to aid diagnosis

Non-blood tests

It isn’t just blood that provides an insight into your pet’s health. Samples from lumps and bumps or swabs can aid diagnosis too.

  • Ear problems – swabs for pets with ongoing ear problems can help us ascertain what organisms are growing and how to treat the infection
  • Lump samples – taking a sample from lumps can help with diagnosis and indicate whether or not your pet requires surgery to remove the lump.
  • Faeces samples – not the nicest, but great for pets with on-going diarrhoea helping us to find out what bugs are causing your pets’ issues

What happens when your pet needs a test

Our nursing team will make a fuss of your pet and make them feel comfortable. An area of fur will need to be clipped, usually at the side of their neck. An alternative area for a blood test is the front limb. One nurse will restrain your pet while the other will raise the vein and take the sample.

We use a swab to disinfect the area and also use a freezing spray to numb the area before the sample is taken, and only need a tiny sample of 2ml so it doesn’t take long. We then place a small dressing on the leg which we ask you to remove approx 10 mins later.

For the lump and bump sample, the area will be clipped and swabbed clean, and a needle inserted in the lump in a few different areas. Then the cells will be placed onto a slide.

Ear swabs are a bigger version of a cotton bud. It’s inserted into your pet’s ear and moved around to gain a sample.

For faeces, we’ll provide you with a container which has a spoon in it to collect the sample – disposable gloves are also a good idea.

We send all samples off the same day. Results come back via our computer system and mobile app, which means we can see results as soon as they are available.

John our vet will call you with results, so its important we have the correct contact numbers for you.

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July 19, 2018



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Competent & friendly vet, professional, competitively priced & convenient for myself. I can highly recommend, especially if you don’t have transport or your pet doesn’t like the usual veterinary setting. 5 star! ⭐️

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Mobile vet for everything that doesn't require a vet surgery. Brilliant idea and will come recommended by many ?

Martyn Finch


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A very professional and friendly service, putting myself and my multi-cat household at ease. Having a house visit for 5 cats is stress free, time and energy saving for the cats and me... I am so glad I found John Rosie!

Shirley Wheatley


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